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4 luxurious wedding table centrepieces ideas you can create to wow your guests

January 31st, 2018

wedding table centrepieces you can create

Bouquets of roses wrapped in tulle and white ribbons.

Elegant bridal dresses complete with satin and beading.

Contrasting black tuxedos and red roses tucked into jacket pockets.

Receptions filled with romantic flower arrangements, flashing cameras, champagne glasses glittering in warm lights, and the first dance between the two lovebirds.


Weddings are so magical…

…on the day.

Right now, there are still months of stressful, mind-boggling, tear-jerking planning to do, plus the added issue of sticking to the budget so there are funds left over for the honeymoon.

Yep, planning a wedding can be intense for brides and grooms alike. There’s so much to organise and so little time, despite the average engagement time being one and a half years.

We want to help take the stress out of planning a wedding.

Getting married should be a wonderful, spellbinding time filled with relaxing massages, endless pampering, and excited squeals from friends, not regular panic attacks and serious concerns about cash flow.

We can help set-up and decorate the venue, plus provide all the materials needed for memorable, luxurious table centrepiece (which, let’s be honest, is the main event next to the bride).

Let us make your centrepiece set-up simple. Amp up the romance and create some magical memories with our top four table centrepiece ideas, plus find out how we can help polish your wedding reception plans!

Centrepiece Idea #1. Natural wood and flowers displayed in old bottles

natural wood wedding centrepiece

Image: Modern Wedding

Looking for a table centrepiece that’s gorgeous, memorable and breathtaking – but won’t cost you thousands of dollars?

Stylish and understated natural features are the perfect answer.

Consider natural wood, elegant flowers in white or soft pink, antique glass bottles or milk jars, and gentle flickering candles.

Mix all these elements together with gentle restraint and plenty of white space.

You’ll have a centrepiece romantic enough for the most adventurous of princesses that won’t break the bank.

A natural centrepiece is perfect for wedding planners looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional rose centrepiece.

How to create the perfect natural wedding table centrepiece

The natural wood base can be sourced from any nearby forest or bushland, a firewood seller or even a local hardware store. The timber is cheap and doesn’t need to be lacquered or treated – the more rustic, the better!

Add some glass containers and bottles to the top of the wood base, then fill them with small white flowers like daisies or alyssum. These flowers have a gorgeous vintage vibe while still maintaining an air of high-class romance and sophistication.

Throw in a couple of classic white roses (don’t overdo the roses – remember, we’re going for a budget-friendly option!) and light some white candles sourced from your local dollar shop. Then, when you let the champagne flow, you’ll add the perfect soft, gold addition to complement your table design.

The natural wood, basic white flowers and “I just threw this together last minute” carefree vibes will have you and your friends swooning over those Instagram wedding photos for many years to come.

Centrepiece Idea #2. Traditional roses in crystal vases

wedding centrepiece with traditional roses

Image: The Wedding Playbook

Thinking something more traditional?

Roses are the flower of love.

Roses are impossibly romantic. We give them to each other as a gesture of love. A bouquet of roses is considered a rare, extravagant gift and we scatter their petals around bedrooms and baths for an extra romantic atmosphere.

There’s no wonder roses are the number one most used flower for weddings.

Roses are versatile, and they come in a range of gorgeous colours and sweet, room-filling scents to suit whatever atmosphere you’re looking to create. Choose single coloured roses if you’re planning a strong a colour themed wedding or, alternatively, if you have a more monochrome palette – you can create an explosion of vivid colour contrast with a collection of coloured roses.

Think pale pink, peach, warm purples and lilac, white or even orange.

You can keep the flowers hydrated through the wedding and reception in crystal vases wrapped in thick gold, glitter-covered ribbon. The glass and the ribbon will throw stunning rainbows in the sunlight.

Event supply specialists, Shindigs, has a huge range of wedding ribbon available online for your table centrepiece needs.

For timeless style, pick something metallic or satin, but if you really want to make a statement – find something covered in glitter!

Centrepiece Idea #3. Incorporate food… lots and lots of food!

doughnut wedding centrepiece

Image: Swooned Magazine

If there’s something more romantic than doughnuts, I don’t want to know about it.

Food is a creative, unforgettable and edible alternative to traditional candle and flower centrepieces.

Stack up the cupcakes, lollies and different flavoured doughnuts on a glass cupcake stand! The sweet, delicious cakes and treats will create a fun-loving atmosphere as soon as your guests walk into the venue (and you’ll be providing your friends and fans with a smorgasbord of snacks all night long.

Also, a doughnut arrangement sprinkled with edible icing flowers can never go wrong. Your guests will be drooling with your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Centrepiece Idea #4. Go quirky chic with neon lights, candles and leafy hanging plants

leafy wedding centrepiece

Image: Ruffled Blog

Sometimes it’s best to go nuts and combine all your favourite things into one vibrant, chaotic, visual celebration of your personality with a truly unforgettable table centrepiece.

Bridal blog, Ruffled, provides some tropical inspiration for your wedding centrepiece with plastic pink flamingos, neon lights, splashes of green and gold, classic white flowers plus pineapples and other summer fruits.

The idea behind this centrepiece is to have fun and follow your individual passion.

Combine your favourite styles, trends and patterns together into one giant, carefree extravaganza. The chaotic, colourful look is on trend and so high fashion right now – mix your centrepiece with a unique venue for an even bigger impact!

Create your own unforgettable table centrepiece and keep some extra cash for your honeymoon!

Are you drooling over these wedding centrepieces?

We know we are… especially the one with the doughnuts.


A wedding reception needs unique table centrepieces to create an atmosphere of elegance, luxury and heartwarming romance. Centrepieces add a lot to the design of a wedding reception and will make wedding photos “pop” with colour and creativity.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so gather ideas for centrepieces ahead of time and consider these chic table ideas:

  • Rustic natural wood, old bottles, dainty white flowers and candles burning with vanilla scents
  • Traditional roses in a range of warm colours, displayed in classic crystal vases which catch the sunlight
  • Stacks of doughnuts and treats, complemented with edible icing flowers
  • A chaotic centrepiece made up of your favourite items, patterns and trends

Be sure to find a reception venue which offers heaps of time for set-up and free-range on decorating, too. It’d be a shame to cancel your extravagant wedding plans because the wedding venue has a thing against glitter.

We recommend steering clear of bars, restaurants, and vineyards for your reception. Getting access to these venues ahead of schedule can be difficult and there’s nothing more nightmarish than having to set-up AND pack-up on your wedding day.

You won’t have that problem with Hunter294. We’re here to ensure your wedding do goes off without a hitch and we can help set-up, decorate, and cater to your guests with high-quality food and beverages.

Want to know more about planning a wedding in Newcastle? Contact us today about our gorgeous wedding venue.

Image: Pexels