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How to use social media to plan a surprise party (and keep it a secret!)

May 11th, 2017


Social media is one of the easiest ways to keep your friends close.

Honestly, how often would you talk to your buds without using some form of social media?

The mere existence of platforms like Facebook has made event planning super easy – simply create an event, choose a location and invite your friends.


So how do you use social media to organise a party AND make sure you don’t ruin a surprise?

There are a few ways you can use social media to plan the perfect surprise party for your friend – we’ve laid out the whole process here, just for you.

Use social media to get in touch with your guests

Before creating the big event, it’s a good idea to check with your planned guests – if they’re not available, the huge surprise can turn into a huge letdown.

Once you’ve gotten a decent response from the group, you can create funky e-invites on Canva and send them via group messenger. Make sure you don’t accidentally include the guest of honour in the message – that’s one surefire way to ruin the whole plan.

Facebook Messenger is a lifesaver when it comes to easily organising events in private with your friends.

Tell your crew to set aside the date of the party, and get excited. There’s nothing better than a surprise party!

Use social media to create the surprise party

So your guests are free and everyone is keen to party.

Now you can create the event.

Facebook’s Events feature is the easiest way to book in a time and plan an event – you just need to adjust the settings to private, so the guest of honour will never see the event in their feed.

Here is where you can set a theme, ask guests to bring things (like food and drinks, or decorations) and discuss the logistics of the surprise party. If you’re after a super easy night, consider looking at a location that is catered – you’ll save yourself the headache of planning food and drinks.

Organising a group gift has never been simpler on an event wall – simply upload a couple of photos of the options, get a poll happening and let the guests decide what gift to pick. Make sure you set the time for the event at least an hour before the surprisee is scheduled to arrive. We can’t have latecomers ruining the moment.

Just remember- someone will need to pay for the gift, so organise payment on the wall too.

Looking for a gift for a music lover? Check out these awesome gift ideas for musos,  avid golfers, and lovers of gadgets

Set up a decoy plan

If any of your guests are willing – get them to invite the guest of honour somewhere else – or kidnap them for a few hours. Keep the guest of honour distracted and entertained while the rest of your party get the surprise event set up and ready to go.

There’s nothing worse than the guest of honour finding out about their secret party before the big night.

Make sure the event is set to private, and your decoy plan is set in stone – don’t give them a chance to discover the real plans!

The beauty of social media means everything can be set to private and they never have to find out.

Use social media to document the party

So the party is all set up and the guest of honour is on their way. Remind everyone to avoid posting on social media until they’ve arrived.

It might be tempting to send a sneaky snap or post a pic on Instagram, but avoid it at all costs.

It’s way too easy for the guest of honour to get a whiff of the big event if their kidnapper is on Snapchat all day.

Once the guest of honour arrives – now is the time to document the festivities.

Take a Snapchat video of them entering the room, organise a special filter and hashtag, or set up a mobile photo area with fun props. Now is the time to be spreading the cheer on your fave platforms.

Organising surprise parties can be super simple, just make sure you have all your bases covered to keep your guest of honour in the dark.

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Image Source: Pexels